The Digital healthcare specialist

iDklic is a leader in digital communication in the healthcare industry. Created in Brussels in march 2006, we bring together a team of competent individuals specialised in the various fields of digital communication.

Digital customer experience has become a key business differentiator. So to design truly unique experiences, we see no boundaries among plateforms. Our team uses hardware, software, web & mobile elements, and interactive media, amongst others, to develop entirely new effective ways for people to creatively share and communicate. Today, so many of our lives’ daily activities rely on technology. We have responded to these demands with multi-channel marketing services that build business acrossthe customer ecosystem through our converged creative, media, technology and strategy model. As an advertising sales agency, creative studio and technology partner, we strive to deliver a superior digital experience.


Happy Clients

Below is a list of some of the great clients we've had the chance to work with over the years :