The Digital healthcare specialist

iDklic was created in 2006 in Brussels, Belgium. Our company is a digital marketing specialist in retail pharmacy. 

Our technology and services are present in more than 1,250 pharmacies across Europe. With its roots in the heart of Europe, iDklic responded to a need from the pharmacy retail market : maximise the communication and services with the customer and trigger impulse purchases with high-in return products. As an advertising agency, technological partner and creative studio, our company is one stop-shop digital agency. We have a eleven years expertise in the retail pharmacy industry and are present in Belgium, France, Luxembourg and Ireland. 

We believe that innovation, the application of new technology and creativity can, and will, improve healthcare outcomes. iDklic creates new approaches to traditional challenges across multiple channel and areas in the healthcare industry. We pride ourselves on delivering creative, emotionally engaging experiences with a clear sense of purpose in the pharmacy retail for healthcare professionals and patients. 


Happy Clients

Below is a list of some of the great clients we've had the chance to work with over the years : 

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