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We deliver pioneering digital solutions that react to technological change and evolution in media, to produce measurable business results.

With iDklic, you will have all of these skills at your service !



Digital strategy is a fundamental requirement of any successful business today. A successful strategy connects your brand to your customers by identifying your audience through online channels, engaging content, and sharing opportunities.

Transforming your business with digital technology, particularly in marketing, makes sense in the face of changing consumer expectations, options and information. We will support and assist you in the development of your business strategy for success in a digital world.

A digital strategy is more than a set of technologies you buy. It’s the ability that those technologies create to reach your audience like never before.




We have our own in-house creative team with expertise in graphic design, motion design, 3D and even management of dynamic content. From concept to completion, our dedicated creative studio can handle all aspects of digital content creation, passive or interactive.

No matter what the project, choosing iDklic means you’ll be supported by talented designers who bring concepts to life. Our creative studio has been creating dynamic, engaging and effective bespoke content for nearly ten years and continues to be a leading innovator in this field.


If you want to find more about creative studio, drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.




At the heart of iDklic is the operational management of media. iDklic is a one-stop shop that builds scalable digital signage solutions. We develop all the technology in-house to create nationwide digital screen media networks with high-end suppliers. iDklic offers a wide range of reliable hardware options, from digital signage products to interactive touchscreen displays all controlled by our platform.

Examples of technologies that are available to you include:

  • Touch screen interactive solutions
  • Point of purchase digital signage and touch screens
  • Smartphone solutions that allow your customers to interact with screens
  • iPad touch screen integration
  • Multimedia walls
  • Digital displays

We provide you with customised tools that meet your needs and stand the test of time.




As clients may not always have the necessary in-house resources to operate and run their digital communication,  iDklic has developed and introduced a comprehensive range of services designed to take care of the daily operation of its clients’ digital content.

Our web-based plateform is robust, secure and innovative and has been designed to be user-friendly for everyone. It allows you to easily organise your network of screens and content for targeted campaigns.

To find out more how we can help you manage content for digital signage, get in touch, we’d love to hear from you!.




Communicate with consumers when they are in a health and well-being mind-set on Pharmaseen TV©.

Our digital media advertising division has a network of over 1440 screens located in a range of high traffic pharmacies. They offer a range of tailored opportunities including the ability to target by hour, location or audience. The combination of a captive, mobile audience in queue delivers a welcoming and attentive consumer for our advertising partners.

Reach consumers on the move,  open to prompts for necessary well-being or pharmaceutical purchases. The screens are located in the perfect place directly in front of stocked pharmaceutical products making them key in promoting impulse OTC purchases.

Target health conscious consumers on the move. If you are an advertiser, a media agency or the operator of a network and you would like to learn more about Pharmaseen TV, we look forward to hearing from you.




Effective digital communication relies on equipment and software that is correctly maintained and regularly upgraded. To achieve this, iDklic has acquired the expertise and put in place the resources necessary to support and maintain solutions on the clients’ sites.

iDklic provides you with a technical service hotline so that your operational questions are dealt with at any time. We can perform remote troubleshooting and diagnostics over the phone to eliminate the need for a site call-out.



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